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Qreatiq Global Team

Chief Technology / Information Officer
Oversees the information technology department as well as all of the business's computers. Responsibilities include strategic planning, increasing the business's value, selecting hardware and software, and improving customer service through technology.

Director of Research and Development

Director of Information and Communication

Director of Production

Director of Engineering

Chief Operating Officer
Responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring the proper execution of the business's plans and strategies.

Director of
Law Enforcement

Director of Operational

Director of Purchasing

Director of Auditor

Director of Export

Director of Logistic

Director of Supply Chain

Director of Warehouse
Health and Safety

Chief Human Resources Officer
Oversees the HR department and the people within the business. Responsibilities include establishing a successful hiring process, training and evaluating employees, overseeing employee development, promotion, retention, and managing long-term HR strategies.

Director of Human

Director of General

Director of Secreatry

Director of Environment
Health and Safety

Chief Marketing Officer
Oversees the marketing department. Responsibilities include managing the brand, overseeing product positioning, preparing marketing strategies, overseeing client communications and email campaigns, conducting industry research, and overseeing the return on investment (ROIs) from marketing activities.

Director of Creative

Director of International
Business Unit

Director of Sales

Director of Marketing

Chief Financial Officer
Oversees the finance and accounting departments. Responsibilities include budgeting, forecasting, reporting, compliance activities, long-term financial planning, risk analyses, and managing the business's overall financial status.

Director of Finance

Director of Tax

Director of Management

Director of Distribution

Director of Accounting