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Location-First World

APIs, SDKs, and map tools built for enterprises.
Gain more control, deliver higher performance and maximize ROI.

Join the growing list of customers, from fast-growing start-ups to enterprises, that trust TRAQ’s mapping platform

Meet the Mapping Platform Built for Growth and Scale

Put the inefficiencies and rigidity of traditional mapping platforms behind you. With TRAQ, you get a modern
a mapping solution that’s designed to support the movement, scale, and unique business needs.

Best-in-class ETA

40% reduction
in costs

10x higher

Manage from

ML-powered customization
for use cases

On-premise deployment


The entire team can actively collaborate on fleet operations with unlimited users, flexible permissions and features built around exception management.


Handle any fleet-related task or surface critical data anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy, distributed fleets.


Automate your maintenance process from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. No more manual data entry.
  • API & SDK

    Customizable APIs and SDKs Mapped to Your Business

    High-performance AI-powered map APIs and SDKs tailored for different use cases.
    Incorporates all operational and business variables and delivers highly accurate ETAs and routes.

  • Scalable

    40x More Scalable than Alternatives

    Map solutions developed for seamless real-time scaling. Handle massive volumes of API requests with zero downtime. Work with APIs that are 40x more scalable, and offer 7x lower latencies and 10x higher throughput than standard options.

  • Deployment

    Multicloud and On-Premise Deployment

    Experience the freedom to deploy on any cloud of your choice. Choose any major cloud service provider or use cloud foundry. Tackle latency-sensitive use cases with geographical and edge clouds.

AI Powered Asset Tracking Solution

Maximize revenue growth with an AI-driven asset tracking solution

Regain Control Over Cost With TRAQ’s Distance Matrix API

Custom Distance Matrix API for your unique business needs —get accurate ETAs and Distances. Reduce the cost of scaling up your business and reach positive unit economics.

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Route Optimization API:
Generate Optimal Routes with Accurate ETAs

Optimize driver allocation, order batching and other fleet operations to maximize resource utilization.

Be it on-demand, hyper-local, or same-day deliveries — get a route optimization API that works for your business use case.

Real-time routes, tailored for you

Our Route Optimization API takes into account your unique business variables — proprietary data, vehicle types, driver profiles, fleet constraints, etc. — and computes the optimal route that works for you. Accurate ETAs generated by our AI/ML algorithms ensure that your drivers complete their tasks on time without any hassle.

Large Distance Matrix API for maximum ETA accuracy

TRAQ’s Distance Matrix API can compute distances and ETAs for up to 5000 origins and 5000 destinations at a time, as opposed to the standard 25×25 matrix. Our large distance matrix helps accommodate custom parameters and rearranging of stops while computing routes, giving you ETAs you can depend on.

Effective last-mile deliveries

One of the biggest challenges of the last mile is complexity around POIs in today’s urban cities, township layouts and malls. Often, the pick-up/delivery points shown on maps differ from those in reality. TRAQ’s custom geocoding abilities let you to plot these points accurately, enabling optimized routes and faster deliveries, and by extension, lowering operational costs.

Navigation SDK:
Intuitive Route Guidance.
Simple, Fast, Accurate.

A navigation system that puts the driver in complete control of the ride. Developed for business use cases, it offers seamless turn-by-turn guidance through any route/topography.

Geocoding API: Get Contextual and Accurate Location Data.

Convert geographical locations into geocoordinates and vice-versa. Provide your customers with an enhanced search experience with precision and ease of use.

AutoComplete eliminates friction in your user experience — quickly retrieve the locations that your customers are looking for, irrespective of the input type.

Help users discover personalized areas of interest — AutoSuggest guides them towards nearby places that may be of interest to them

Mark POIs based on your user-generated data and reference them as per your requirements. Accurately mark rooftop POIs and entry and exit points inside closed buildings

Industries and use cases that we cater to

Ride Hailing


Home Business

On-Demand Delivery

Hyper-Local Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery