• 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition

    ESEQURE applies the pioneering 3D surface imaging technique and develops its 3D Structured Facial Recognition, which proactively projects light to an object and observes light coding of the object’s surface to calculate the disparity between the original projected patterns and the observed patterns deformed by the surface.

  • Visible Light Facial Recognition

    Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is the latest technology of ESEQURE, aimed to overcome shortcomings of previous facial recognition and achieve an all-rounded upgrade on whatever performance and reliability by using Deep Learning.

  • Fingerprint Recognition

    ESEQURE offers own intelligent property rights based algorithms, in the meantime our templates are privately owned, ESEQURE never releases algorithms and template formats to any 3rd party, the reliability of ESEQURE algorithms is based on our 20-year algorithm development experience

  • Finger Vein Recognition

    Since finger veins are covered by skins and invisible to human eyes, there are lower risks of spoof or duplicated vein features, and it is even lower of the combination of fingerprint and finger vein features, which provide higher anti-spoof ability

  • 3-IN-1 Palm Recognition

    The newest generation of palm recognition technology is fully upgraded in all aspects in terms of recognition method, which combines palm, palm print and palm vein recognition as one. l Anti-spoofing Technology l Wide Angle Tolerance l Ultra-long Recognition Distance

Empowerment Integrated Business based on Biometric Verification Core Techniques

ESEQURE is a globally renowned provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platform, which owns patents of fingerprint, iris, face, vein and palm print recognition techniques etc., and owns patents of compute vision techniques including facial recognition, identification of behaviors, X-ray object identification, and video structure, which make ESEQURE one of the enterprises in the industry that owns comparatively numerous patents. From the core technical authorizations of physical and behavioral features including fingerprint, iris, face, and vein, to ESEQURE Software empowered by hybrid biometric verification and computer vision and hybrid biometric verification identity authentication O2O smart terminals and solutions, we offer one-stop solutions based on smart verification and identity authentication applications for vertical industries, partners, and system integrators.

Smart Entrance & Exit “Person + Car + Object” Software Platform Empowerment Integrated Business

ESEQURE is a globally renowned provider of core techniques, smart terminals and software platforms based on smart entrance & exit “car + person + object” applications, and owns a large quantity of software copyrights of software products and solutions and patented smart terminal patented techniques, and strives to integrate hybrid biometric verification techniques and computer vision techniques with the Internet, IoT, big data and cloud computing, and builds system platform including ESEQUREBioSecurity and ESEQUREBioCV Secruity etc. ESEQURE owns professional development and supply chain teams for smart terminal of person, car and object passages, and globally famous entrance & exit biometric verification computer vision smart IoT hardware and servers, private cloud and public linkage services to provide system integration services for many partners regarding industry solutions, which are widely applied in various fields including smart traffic, smart finance, smart education, smart medicine and smart government etc.

ESEQURE + Smart Office Cloud Platform Empowerment Integrated Business

ESEQURE is a globally renowned provider of ESEQURE+ Cloud Platform empowered core techniques, smart terminals and software platform, which strikes ESEQURE+ Cloud Platform is built for the establishment of the “Time Management + Space Management” duo-core concept, and the private cloud platform with high security level of date archive. The service desk, offerings information service, app. store and authentication authorization service, API service platform and cloud storage service etc.

“Cloud Application” connected through ESEQURE+ links up smart terminal devices in smart office applications to IoT devices of attendance, access control, visitor management and POS, and smart terminal devices are connected through software platforms including ESEQUREBioTime and ESEQUREBio Cloud etc., which offers one-stop O2O solutions for enterprise smart office that are widely applied in various fields including smart office and smart education etc.


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G20 Indonesia 2022 – Security Inspection System

Project Requirements Reliable Dangerous Good Detection System Our client requested an installation with ultimate safety and security, the system has to be able to effectively detect  and recognize dangerous objects including weapons and any other good that could cause risks in order to prevent any  potential security threat to the public. Because in the area G20 that many people from the different ministerial countries  visit in this event.  As there are numerous high-level officials and influential persons from different ministerial nations attending the events,  our client demanded a precise yet quick and convenient system for the security inspection.

Access Control and Visitor Management Solution for National-Scale Stock Exchange

Our client is a national-scale stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the end of 2012, the stock exchange had 462 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of $426.78 billion. It has a group of employees of up to 40,000.


Access Control Solution
As a government organization, the need of extra security is a must. The client requires to control all access in each doors of the main office in order to monitor those who access the rooms especially the restricted ones. They require an access control software to connect and control all the access control terminals that will be installed.

Time and Attendance Solution
Aside from the need of controlling the access, the client also requires a time attendance terminal to monitor and record the attendance logs of all the employees.

Reliable Facial Recognition
Verification Methods suitable for different needsBiometric Verification Methods have been widely applied as it offers convenience and accuracy that conventional verification methods are not able to achieve. Our client is deeply interested in its preciseness of verification.

MRT Station Jakarta-Security Inspection Management Case Study

With increasing terror attacks globally coming with the growing tension among nations and geopolitical risks, as a reputable provider, it would be hugely threatening to passengers’ lives if crisis occur, thus it is definitely necessary to enhance the public security level in order to prevent losses. A feasible solution is a system that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous good including weapons in order to stop any potential threat to security.