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Inteliq and Qreatiq IoT Suite:
your gate to the world of IoT

Connecting “things” is far more than a nice feature. It is crucial for future-oriented product development and maintenance, as well as for the creation of new innovative business models. IoT is the core technology to optimize processes, enhance development speed, and increase quality. IoT enables you to understand customer needs in real-time, improve your services on the fly, and implement innovative features.

IoT is the direct two-way link to your devices such as connected vehicles, gateways in buildings or factories, and sensors in urban infrastructure. The diversity of device types and their IoT needs require an equally diverse solution. Qreatiq IoT Suite and Inteliq gives you maximum freedom of choice to manage your customized IoT applications in line with existing routines, processes, and data.

Inteliq in a nutshell

Fast project success

thanks to supported protocols and simple system integration

Maximum security

for safe data storage and transfer

Future-proof investment

thanks to long-term experience and comprehensive support

End-to-end service solution

for IoT data management and analytics

Flexible deployment

and lowest vendor lock-in due to open source approach

Leverage our IoT development and consulting services

Accelerate your digital transformation

We deliver robust, secure IoT solutions that comply with all major industry standards. Years of close collaboration with hardware vendors helped us to hone our engineering skills and deeply understand industry-specific issues. Let our IoT experts step into your hardware development process and start bringing immediate value.

IoT software development

As an Internet of Things software development company, we’ve built powerful and secure IoT solutions that have forged hundreds of connections between products and systems — and delivered value and innovation to startups and enterprises alike.

IoT and Qreatiq® are creating opportunities for growth

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.

By combining IoT data with Qreatiq Cloud technologies (Cloud Foundry), businesses can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models.



Compose and extend apps that take advantage of data
and analytics from your connected devices and sensors


Your device or gateway

Start with your device and connect it with Qreatiq Cloud Foundry.


Connect to the Qretiq Cloud Foundry using open, lightweight MQTT or HTTP.

Qreatiq® IoT Suite Platform

Manage connected devices so your apps can access live and historical data.

REST and real-time APIs

Use highly-secure APIs to connect your apps with data from your devices.

Your application and analytics

Create analytic apps in the Qreatiq Cloud Foundry, another cloud or your own servers.

High-caliber IoT development services with Qreatiq

  • IoT Consulting

    Qreatiq’s tech experts will help you to get the most of the Internet of Things potential and ensure cutting-edge functionalities.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • IoT project assessment and scoping
    • IoT resource planning and allocation
    • Advice on IoT strategies

  • IoT Platform Development

    With our assistance, the intelligent gadgets you offer will win customers with smart sensors, IoT platforms, and firmware.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • IoT network building and configuration
    • Consultancy on AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, etc.
    • Establishment of control centers for IoT

  • IoT App Development

    Development of robust and feature-rich IoT apps is one of our key areas of expertise. Contact us to deliver best-in-class results!

    We are ready to deliver:

    • Mobile applications for wearable devices
    • Enterprise-grade apps for manufacturing industries
    • RFID application development

  • IoT Data Analytics

    Qreatiq will enable you to flawlessly collect, process, and assess your IoT data for effective and profitable decision-making!

    We are ready to deliver:

    • IoT data collection, processing and analysis
    • Internet of Things data visualization
    • IoT data dashboard design and building

  • IoT for Connected Products

    Connectivity is a must for appliances, equipment, and other products. We will be your reliable partner for optimal connectivity.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • Software for connected vehicles
    • Medical IoT solutions
    • Smart home IoT tools

  • IoT MVP Development

    The IoT industry is extremely competitive. Verify your hypotheses and market potential by entrusting MVP development to Andersen.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • UI/UX for IoT solutions
    • IoT software prototyping
    • Hypothesis formulation and testing

  • IoT Design and Prototyping

    IoT requires intuitive and effective design for end-users. Andersen’s experts will generate next-gen UI/UX for your business plans.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • Layouts and user flows
    • User testing and journeys
    • Comprehensive design

  • IoT Database Solutions

    Proper database capabilities are the key to a connected future for your business. Andersen will reveal these database horizons.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • Cloud database integration
    • IoT database management
    • IoT data flow mapping

  • Custom IoT Product Development

    Whether you need IoT solutions for logistics, healthcare, or anything else, Andersen will help you.

    We are ready to deliver:

    • Industrial IoT solutions
    • Consumer appliances and accessories
    • Healthcare IoT equipment

What can we do for you?


Focused discussions that cover project scope and schedule can help determine how to best implement your IoT solution. Together, we’ll assess tech stack, hard- and software integration, and security features.

Design and prototyping

We help you verify the feasibility of your idea with IoT boards and enclosures before you commit to full-scale IoT software development.

Solution development

Qreatiq builds faultless IoT apps that create lasting value across every stage of the development process, from UI/UX design to launch to optimization.

Apps for smart devices

Our engineers build high-performance apps that enable tracking and control over connected devices, including locks, temperature sensors, and those in cars.

IoT software for connected devices

Apps for enhanced monitoring of diverse smart devices can be built from the ground up.

Dashboards that deliver

Because IoT yields rich data analytics, we design dashboards that uncover and display relevant data patterns that inform your technical and business decisions.

IoT applications
to create
a smart


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Employ the data from remote devices to automate processes, control flows, and utilize intelligence to your advantage


ZBs of datafrom IoT devices worldwide by 2026


Your data remains intact and protected thanks to tailored security policies and tools used during the development


IoT projects


Add value to your business with a custom-built application or augment your team with the right professionals


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