Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • AI is a living, changing entity that’s anchored in rapidly evolving open-source and cutting-edge code. It can be complex to develop, deploy, and scale. However, through over a decade of experience in building AI for organizations around the globe, ARTIQ has built end-to-end AI and data science solutions and frameworks that enable every enterprise to realize its AI-fueled ambitions.
    Phillip Turetsky
    Data Scientist
  • SFA Cloud is a single source of truth that our sales team uses to understand prospect engagement on a daily basis. They can more easily navigate the decision-making landscape at prospect companies, and when a deal is closed the relationships team can take over and understand how to manage the merchant without a lot of back and forth.
    Gill Sans
    TelCo - SFA Customer
  • All data syncs in real-time across all of our channels and agents. Customers can choose to contact us in whichever format they prefer — via email, phone, website chat, or Facebook. We are able to address their requests in the same way across all of these channels.
    Rick Dempsey
    FinTech - SFA Customer

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